The State Offering the Most Support to Local Businesses

There is a growing desire for each state to focus on its own resources and to promote its local businesses. Small business owners have had a hard time during recent years, particularly because of franchises and big shopping centers, but it looks like they are slowly receiving the support they deserve from their local communities. The commercial world is full of companies offering similar products in different packaging, so people have started looking at local options more.

Known as the state of small businesses, Pennsylvania has been encouraging its residents to support those businesses that offer new possibilities for them. In fact, there are over one million small businesses in the state, which contributes to more than 99% of its entire business economy. This is great news particularly for entrepreneurs looking to move their project to a physical location, but not being sure where.

Local Businesses Thriving in PA

PA is home to a great mentality when it comes to encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurs to join the local community. Many success stories were born there, including those of Duolingo, Highland Chocolates, and Soccer Shots. The Pittsburgh-born and based Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform, with more than 500 million monthly users from the entire world. Duolingo’s success has motivated other tech companies to set up shop in PA, attracting talent from all over the country.

Meanwhile, the nonprofit Highland Chocolates provides employment and skills training for more than 20 adults with disabilities. At the factory, they work together with the staff members to learn the art of chocolate handcrafting and package the end products. Soccer Shots is considered the best children’s soccer program in its field, offering training to those aged 2-8 years old and focusing on their character development. Moreover, it also works with local non-profits to deliver programs that could help underprivileged youth.

Businesses from a Variety of Industries Are Welcome

Besides being a place that supports its entrepreneurs and startups, businesses from a variety of industries are welcome to become part of Pennsylvania’s amazing work scene. Recently, for example, one of the newest and most innovative online casino and sportsbook platforms has gone live in PA, working towards grabbing the market’s attention with their offers and promotions. A Bonusfinders post about BetMGM PA mentions more details on the company’s approach in the market and all of its available perks for newcomers.

Businesses from a Variety of Industries Are Welcome
Businesses from a Variety of Industries Are Welcome

The reason many companies choose to relocate to Pennsylvania or to grow there is that small businesses receive assistance and help throughout their journey. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are creating job opportunities for locals at an incredible rate, with half of the state’s workforce being employed by a small business. In February 2018, Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop was created by Governor Wolf, acting as the hub that connects and guides everyone that decides to launch a business in the area.

Being part of the local community is a great feeling that many entrepreneurs crave when they first open a business. Receiving the support of the locals, who are also potential customers, is important for the organic development of any idea. This is why it is important to choose a location that can give your business all of that so that you, in return, can continue to grow and offer the same quality of products.

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