Wild Rescue of a Dead Jeep from the Bottom of a Utah Canyon Must Be Seen to Be Believed

After arriving on the scene, the newer Jeep is dragged up into position by a trusty old XJ to a spot where it can be hooked onto a sketchy—but actually pretty sweet if you ask me—off-road tow truck. It’s a 383-equipped “square-body” K10 with an SM465 four-speed stick from Muncie, owned by Paul from the YouTube channel Fab Rats.

The rear end of the truck has a “spool” in it, a hunk of metal—there are several different styles—that you install in your rear differential to lock the rotation of the two back wheels together. It’s a crude yet inexpensive alternative to a locking or limited-slip diff, and it’s popular with drag racers and off-roaders alike. It has an NP205 transfer case as well, a sturdy two-speed unit whose low range is perfect for situations like this. Interestingly, the truck’s onboard engine-driven air compressor appears to be a re-purposed V-twin unit from an old Chrysler’s air conditioning system. A cool way to re-use an otherwise outdated accessory.

The yellow Cherokee leading the pack is Matt’s own creation, a modified XJ with a few engine mods like a bigger radiator and extensive suspension work. He has a video talking through everything he’s done to it, if you’re interested.

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