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I’m here today to clear up a misunderstanding I’ve noticed of late about autonomous vehicles and driving assists. Yesterday, I had an interaction with a family member that went something like this, after I asked how she liked her new Lincoln SUV. “It’s fantastic! It’s self-driving!” Well, no, it certainly is not. In fact, not even Tesla’s drive themselves, and that’s part of the misunderstanding that I’m here to clear up.

Autonomous vehicle marketing is to blame

Tesla Autopilot is not self-driving | Chris Walker via Getty Images

Largely, the way that autonomous vehicles are marketed is the culprit for my family member’s misunderstanding. Tesla makes a fantastic EV, but some of its tech is marketed as something it certainly is not. Frankly, I could write a whole article on that, and have. However, I’m here in service to the reader, so I’ll save you a click. Basically, the name Autopilot is misleading. Autopilot means adaptive cruise control.

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