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Car racing gets flack for being environmentally unfriendly, based solely on the “mpg” that race cars get. They burn more fuel than road cars, so they must be harmful, right? Current racecars burn ethanol, which is a much cleaner gas than typical road cars, and although they burn more fuel, they are more efficient at converting heat into power. In fact, the Mercedes AMG F1 engine burns fuel at 50-percent thermal efficiency, meaning it converts 50-percent of its generated heat into forward motion. Road cars sit at the 30-percent mark, though some manufacturers are catching up. 

How Harmful is NASCAR’s Racing Fuel?

Corey LaJoie at Pocono Raceway | Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

NASCAR was one of the least green sports on the planet, and in fact used leaded gas until 2007, according to Julia Layton at How Stuff Works. Most road cars were using unleaded gas in the 1980s. NASCAR even went so far as to claim 400 million pounds of the Earth’s CO2 per year. Since 2009, however, NASCAR has gone green. 

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