Is it Legal to Drive Without a Front Bumper? | MotorBiscuit

When it comes to safety, every part of your car is important. Your car is equipped with front and rear “crumple zones,” which are the areas of the car that absorb and disperse the energy in the event of a collision. On the front lines of those crumple zones are the bumpers, which are the first parts of the car to get hit. In that case, is it illegal to drive without them?

Why would anyone drive around without a front bumper?

A car with no front bumper | Wikimedia Commons

If you ever see a car driving without a front or rear bumper, then chances are that person was in some type of collision and is waiting for or holding off on making the repairs.  Sometimes, insurance claims can take a while or parts can even take a while to come in, which usually results in the car owners driving them as is after an accident.

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