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Earning over $400,000 annually is easy to dream about and difficult to obtain. For those of us in a more mainstream earnings bracket, it’s fun to fantasize about what kind of cars we would buy if we could make virtually any purchase we wish. According to statistics, if you earn over $400,000 these models might be your daily drivers

2021 Range Rover Evoque | Jaguar Land Rover

What cars do rich people buy? 

The front end of Ford's F-150 truck

2021 Ford F-150 | Ford

To most, earning over $400,000 a year means you’re rich. So what kind of cars do people with this annual income actually buy? According to a recent survey reported on by Investopedia, people that earn this much money do prefer luxury vehicles. They lean toward models like the Tesla Model S or the Lexus RX350. 

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