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Your car’s paint is an expensive thing. Arguably, it’s one of the more expensive parts of your car to maintain. It’s also the most prone to damage. That’s exactly why some choose to wrap their car. If the word “wrap” conjures images of wrapped sandwiches and candy (or Tupac) you’re close. That’s effectively what a wrap does for your car. Just like that sandwich, it protects the goodies inside.

Your car’s size can affect cost

Even the pros use wraps | Jerry Markland via Getty Images

Now, estimating the cost of these isn’t an exact science. After all, I did just use the word “exact”. Even auto shops that do this kind of thing aren’t specific on their pricing. Frankly, it’s all about material use. The colorful protective shield that will eventually go over your car or truck costs money. Generally, the more of that material needed to cover your vehicle, the more things will cost. In essence, a Fiat 500 is going to be cheaper to wrap than a Cadillac Escalade.

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