Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Beat Tesla’s Elon Musk to Space, but What’s Next? | MotorBiscuit

July 2021 saw three multi-billionaires engaged in a friendly competition to reach outer space. The knighted founder of the Virgin Group was the first to achieve such lofty heights, with the CEO of Amazon following shortly thereafter. How and why did Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos beat Tesla‘s Elon Musk to space?

Rich guys race to space

Jeff Bezos and crew | Getty Images

Jeffrey Preston Bezos invented a little online bookstore called Amazon in his Seattle garage in 1994. Today, Investopedia rightly refers to him as the wealthiest man on Earth. So, what does a rich guy do for thrills once he’s invested in everything from Airbnb to Twitter and owns the Washington Post? They start a private spaceship company.

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