10 Ferraris You Should Own if You Want to Be a Serious Ferrari Collector | MotorBiscuit

If money were no object, you could go space-adjacent with Jeff Bezos and crew. Alternatively, you could buy what some experts consider the top 10 Ferrari models ever made. The Bezos ride took about 10 minutes. The collection, on the other hand, could bring you decades of enjoyment.

A brief history of Ferrari

The Ferrari 250GT at the London Concours event | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

Since its beginning, Ferrari has been synonymous with elegance and beauty. The inaugural vehicle for the brand was the 125S that rolled out of the factory in 1947. It set the tone for Enzo Ferrari’s vision for the vehicles that would display his name for years to come. By the 1950s, Ferrari considered the brand a success.

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