XRP Time for The BIG MONEY! for BITSTAMP:XRPUSD by LordOfBitcoins

XRP Time for The BIG MONEY!


XRP is going to reach $3

Fibonacci never lies.

However, be very careful because this crypto even if I love so much still is under a lawsuit and we are 50/50 for now.

SEC (American Government) might not lose at the end of the day…. who knows? I’m just speculating because I don’t have a crystal ball to see the future aligned with legal issues, emotions and policy.

What I know is I want you to be in the promised land, you will make a lot of money. Probably XRP is the source of unlimited money wether they lose or win the case.
If they win we can see $5, $10 $14 if they lose we can go down to $0.10. But even going down to $10 I will teach you how to make thou$ands howl we fall. Just stay tune with my ideas.

I promise will explain more and more in the next ideas I will be posting.

For now I see we have 3 stops in the uptrend starting on Monday.

My recommendation for now is to be patient even if the storm is strong. Making money is a very emotional and mental GAME.

I told you above I will take you to the promised land and I can do it in my ways (different cryptos). Just FOLLOW ME & BELIEVE.

Once you get there, I will appreciate any contribution because I will use that to continue helping children in need.

God Bless You and Multiply.

See ya in the promised land.

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