How to buy Bitcoin in a bull market using these indicators for GEMINI:BTCUSD by HowToBuyBitcoin

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This is similar to my last BTC analysis where I showed how to short or sell BTC at a success rate of 92.98%. This time I am not using the Bollinger Bands as the success rate was under 90% which isn’t up to my standards.

As you can see on this 4hour chart of BTC , I use several indicators to show how when these indicators are used together you can buy or long bitcoin at a success rate of 100% (what else did you expect from the most accurate crypto analyst on the planet with a chart analysis success rate of over 90%?, this includes the many extra trades privately published elsewhere).

The trick is to know when to take profit and not be a greedy little pig. Use a stop loss or monitor your trades is my advice.

Indicators used are:

MA 144 (white moving average line)

MA 200 (dark blue moving average line)
EMA 300 (light blue moving average line)
EMA 55 (yellow moving average line)

If you zoom in on the chart you will see green circles whenever a candle pierced below the MA 144 (white moving average line). There is also 1 purple circle on the chart where the current price action is today.

The orange down arrows show where on the chart BTC moved below the EMA 55 (yellow moving average line) after trading above it.

The pink down arrows show where on the chart we have not had a set of 6 orange arrows as yet (see pink note on chart). As you can see though BTC has entered the purple circle trading under the MA 144 which previously is a buy zone (green circles). This is where you long or spot buy BTC .

The EMA 300 and MA 200 blue moving average lines show how these moving averages are used as a support for BTC in the bull market.

The lime green trend lines on the chart are support and resistance currently for BTC .

The blue down arrows show where on the RSI it went below the red horizontal line and every time it did this you made money longing BTC . This also coincides with my green circle buy zones.

Happy trading legends!


Check out my analysis below to confirm my strike rate.

Most correct analyst on Trading View, oh…….. and earth!

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