GBPUSD Analysis Quarter Points for FX:GBPUSD by SimpleAsItGets

Short scalp. Using quarter points.

Quarter points are 25 pip lines that supposedly banks use to trade off of. You can use it like support and resistance lines.

Of course this strategy is not 100% but you can use it as your advantage.

How to trade it:

1. Analyze the market as you should. top down. daily / 4hr, 1hr, 15min, 5min (lowkey I only do 1HR and 5MIN, but do what is best for you)

2. I use the 5 MIN to enter my trades.

3. If you lose, wait for another opportunity. Don’t rush it and be patient. (I know losing sucks, but if you revenge trade you can blow your account)

4. SL for me is 10 PIPS and TP is always the next quarter point. Make a goal for yourself and aim for maybe 25 PIPS per day or 50 PIPS per day. If you trade constantly you will not have freedom.


RISK MANAGEMENT. Do not put big ass lot size and always expect it to go in your favor. Your trying to grow your capital not destroy it in one trade.



You can use imbalance candles and the Order Block method to enhance your probability. But don’t let other strategy interfere with each other. If they do then something is wrong, it will confuse tf outta you.

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