BTC – Whales net! MACD & RSI div- for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by aqayesalehi

When the rumor spoils the technical analysis!!
Bitcoin is at a very sensitive point, resistance 40 to 42, which is very crucial!
I do not work with indicators too much, not only are they bad or incorrect, but they are also very accurate!
The fact that I do not use the indicator much because I have my own scalping strategy, but I use it a lot in long-term analysis.
If you know a bit of analysis, you have definitely heard the name of divergences!
This means that if the trend on the chart is in line with the trend of indicators such as MACD and RSI as well as Volume , the chart should continue its trend, but when the two are in conflict with each other, there is a negative divergence and the trend will change!!
If you look at the analysis, here are 4 red arrows in the indicators down and a green arrow in the chart is up!
These 3 POWERFUL indicators show us negative divergence and future change of trend!

Leaving aside the specialized discussion of technical analysis , let us turn to the subject of WHALES!

Over several years of experience in the crypto market, which is easily used as a toy for whales and others…

And we have seen many times that the thinking of whales is exactly the opposite of the common people and they make money this way.

After a popular poll in instagram, more than 80% of people predicted the rise of Bitcoin for next week.

The tall green candles are just like the net that the whales spread out for the common people and wait to be caught.

So be very careful and note that there is no definite forecast in this market and bitcoin may rise to 60,000 after this post.

And I left the analysis of the indicators to you, and the indicators are known as chart pathometer (Lie Detector of CHARTS).

Judge for yourself

With thanks and appreciation to my dear friend @morteza-rainman whose analysis of Bitcoin is down here.

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