Bitcoin at a turning point [EN-US] for INDEX:BTCUSD by andre_007

Daily Graph

NVT (Network Value to Transaction) indicator

This indicator describes the relationship between volume of transfers and market capitalization.

It is also described as the price/earnings ratio of cryptocurrencies.

The calculation is done by dividing the network value by the daily volume .

At the moment, we can verify an indefinite moment.

A good bullish indicator would be to break resistance (blue dotted line), and stay above 75.

Accumulated Volume Percent

This volume indicator works similarly to OBV, except that it puts weight on volumes according to intraday volatility .

You can see a resistance on the dotted line at 5.

Breaking up would be a bullish signal.

Breaking below zero would be a bearish signal.

Simple Moving Average of 365 periods

Moving averages are great tools for plotting possible supports and resistances.

As we can see, the 365-day average is holding the price.

If it is broken, it is a warning sign for a bearish move.

Schiff’s Fork

Schiff’s fork demonstrates the projection of Bitcoin price in the last periods, since May/2021.

If the price breaks the upper limit, it could be a bullish signal.

Watch out for false breakouts.

Corona Day Support

The red dotted line is a support traced from March/2020.

If this line is broken, watch out for a Bear Market.

Bearish channel

The bearish channel , highlighted in orange, is another important indication.

Watch out if the price breaks the resistance or support of this channel.

* Follow your own risk management
* Past profitability is no guarantee of future profitability

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