Transcript: Brian Venturo on the Battle for Semiconductors

And price definitely changes with where crypto is, right?They know that they have a limited supply. It’s virtually unlimited demand. So it’s like, this is really just supply and demand. And it’s mostly laissez faire state. And, you know, I think that one of the things that the U.S. has, like one of the problems in the west here, is that I don’t think a lot of this stuff even gets out of China.

What do you mean by that?

Oh, if you know a guy at the AIB in Schengzn and you’re local and you want to come in and pick up a thousand GPUs, that’s a much easier transaction. And like, in terms of like political capital, just on a personal basis, like, I think it’s a lot easier for them to do than it is for them to ship something to Brian Venturo in the United States.

Wrapping up here a little bit, you know, you’ve explained how your life kind of has changed in the last six months in terms of the difficulty of acquiring compute, whether it’s GPUs, CPUs, RAM and so forth, what is it like now on a day-to-day basis and how have you had to change your business strategy so that you can grow your cloud capacity alongside customer demands?

You know, it used to be that GPUs were the problem for us to get. And GPUs right now, like the data center card is like, I’ve got shelves and shelves and shelves packed with data center cards, waiting for builds. And they’re all blocked by CPU and RAM. CPUs in particular. I had a conversation with my CEO, I’ve been with for 17 years now in kind of different businesses. And I called them. I said, hey, I just found a bunch of AMD, ABIC, Milan CPUs in stock, ready to ship tomorrow. I’ve bought a hundred of them. And he was like, well, how many do they have? And I was like, I don’t know, like 250. He’s like, why didn’t you buy the rest? And I’m like, well, I didn’t really want to spend the money, I didn’t have a place to put them right now. He’s like, dude, this is literally all you complain about every day is not getting access to stuff, go back and buy the rest. So I went back to buy the rest. And in that 15 minute period, the rest had gone.

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