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Best way to transfer your cryptocurrencies with GODEX

Today there are already many cryptocurrency exchanges, some services really offer customers the options and working conditions that are in demand. Especially popular are projects with favorable quotes, reliable account protection and anonymity. The rest of the criteria for almost all cryptocurrency exchanges are identical. Yes, it is anonymity that is now important for people who make money on exchange operations or through crypto trading.

Immediately after the successful arrival of bitcoin on the cryptocurrency market, the financial sector began to actively develop, entirely focused on operations with virtual currencies. New altcoins began to appear incessantly. The rapid growth of quotations for digital money began. Naturally, the rapid rise in demand for cryptocurrencies and their widespread popularity contributed to the emergence of specialized trading platforms where transactions with electronic coins are carried out. This is how anonymous crypto exchanges appeared.

Benefits of anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges

All users who regularly visit trading platforms, the rules of which provide for the introduction of personal data with confirmation of information by copies of documents, are at significant risk. Accordingly, anonymous crypto-exchanges initially block most of the potential dangers. These platforms have the following particularly significant advantages:

  1. the absolute impossibility of leaking personal information of clients. Administration, service workers or cyber-thieves will not be able to take possession of any records, facts or figures concerning a particular client;
  2. you can start converting or making money on cryptocurrency trading immediately after registration events and crediting funds to the trade balance.

Godex main features

Crypto exchanger makes it possible to exchange more than 200 crypto coins among themselves with a low commission and absolutely anonymously. To make an exchange, you do not need to provide any data, register or identify yourself in any way. All that is required is to provide the number of the crypto wallet where you want to receive the selected crypt.

 Pros supports the idea of ​​cryptocurrency as a secure and anonymous storage medium.

At the moment, more than 200 different coins and tokens are available for exchange, and new ones are regularly added.

There is no limit on the amount of cryptocurrencies to exchange. Change how much is convenient for you at a time.

The site fixes the rate at which you made the exchange of cryptocurrencies at the time of the transaction. You will not lose money if the exchange rate changes significantly during the exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange instructions

It is very easy to exchange coins on this crypto exchange:

  • Select the coins you need to exchange. For example, you want to transfer ETH to BTC, for this, on the left in the exchange window, you enter ETH and the amount, on the right, select BTC, the exchanger calculates the rate. If the course suits you and you agree, press the exchange button.
  • In the next window, you enter the address of your BTC wallet, where funds will be sent after the exchange.
  • At this step, the platform gives you the wallet address where you must send the required amount of ETH.
  • After the platform has received your tokens, the exchange process begins, the best conditions among the exchanges are selected and the exchange of ETH for BTC is carried out for you.
  • The required amount of BTC is sent to your wallet and provided you with all the details of the exchange. If you want to repeat the exchange, then just click “Restart Exchange”.

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